Secto Wall Lamps

Secto wall lamps are praised to the skies from everyone, but they were born of a real need that led to the innovative use of wood as well as good solid crafts.

Seppo Koho himself made the first prototypes of lamps, but the leap to real production could only happen when he found Heikki Saastamoinen, a cabinetmaker from Heinola, Finland. Together they developed the methods and techniques necessary to create the lamps.

The simple but interesting shapes of the Secto wall lamps include small spaces inside them that discreetly hide their light source to avoid glare and create a warm and cozy light.

All wall lamps from Secto are delivered with bulbs included.
Secto 4231 Wall Lamp Walnut - Secto
Before EUR 480.00
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Secto 4230 Wall Lamp White - Secto
Before EUR 430.00
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Petite 4630 Wall Lamp Birch - Secto
Before EUR 600.00
In stock now
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