New version of The Bouquet from LE KLINT

30 July 2019
New version of The Bouquet from LE KLINT
Through numerous school trips and holidays to Italy, Sinja Svarrer Damkjær developed a fascination with the sprawling patches of tulips. In 2007, the soft and natural arches were combined with LE KLINT’s unique folding technique, and the result of this merging was a modern chandelier known as The Bouquet.

Back then, the chandelier consisted of one large bouquet with seven lampshades but it has since been updated. These days, the chandelier is available with three or five lampshades, and you can even find it with a single flower. The new lampshades have been scaled down to make it possible to find the right size regardless of which part of your home needs a touch of decorative lighting. There is still great emphasis on the small details, as seen in the pleated folding and the oak base that connects the lampshade and the fabric cable.

It is clear to see that the organic, pleated lampshade has been shaped in the image of the head of a tulip that has recently opened up. In the bouquets with multiple lampshades, the cables have been plaited together to highlight the soft, organic shapes. Furthermore, the cables have been covered with a rustic textile that ensures a gorgeous contrast to the exact pleated lampshade.

The Perfect Fit for Modern Décor
One of the biggest trends of our time is to bring nature into your interior design. If you still have a soft spot for the Nordic style, The Bouquet is the perfect fit for you. The neutral colours and the choice of natural materials like paper, hemp textile, and oak go hand in hand with the traditional style of Nordic interior design. The shape of the lampshades makes the chandelier feel like it’s been plucked straight from the fields and given the space to blossom right in the heart of your home.

Right now, the focus is on good craftsmanship, design, and high quality, all of which are keywords when talking about LE KLINT. The characteristically folded lamps are the stable LE KLINT trademark, and thanks to their ability to keep renewing themselves, they keep on keeping up with evolving trends.

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