Timeless Innovation – Model 2065 by Astep

28 June 2019
Timeless Innovation – Model 2065 by Astep
Model 2065 by Astep furthers Gino Sarfatti’s design from the 1950s. He was known for experimenting with materials, lighting technologies, and product techniques – that was what inspired him the most.

Model 2065 is made from methacrylate, which is a plastic material that is much stronger and lighter than glass. When Gino Sarfatti first received samples of the material in 1949-50, his experimental approach led to the creation of the timeless Model 2065 pendant.

In its simplicity, the pendant consists of two plate-shaped opal methacrylate lampshades, combined to create a simple shape. The shape is mostly reminiscent of a UFO, and the black paint on the aluminium tube that serves as a cord extension creates the illusion that the pendant is floating in mid-air. The pairing of the opal lampshade and the black aluminium tube gives the lamp a neat and timeless expression.

At the 2016 relaunch, the original incandescent bulb was swapped out with 5 LED bulbs to ensure an even glow the entire way around. The comfortable light from the opal lampshade casts a comfortable and soft glow that creates a cosy atmosphere in the room.

In connection with this, Astep introduced a new edition where the upper “plate” has a black, soft-touch coating. This creates a sharp, graphic expression, while the downward-facing light builds a more intimate space, conducive to creating a cosy atmosphere around the dinner table.

Find the three versions of Model 2065 here