New brand in the shop - 16PLUS from Mazo

15 January 2020
New brand in the shop - 16PLUS from Mazo
Welcome a new interesting Danish brand Mazo, which launched its first 16PLUS collection in spring 2019.

Mazo produces and relaunches iconic international design classics. Mazo has exclusive right to produce furniture designed by Danish architect Magnus Læsøe Stephensen (1903-1984). They believe that the most far-sighted designs are created by embracing the past experiences. Mazo creates new designs from quality materials, and in collaborations with new and dedicated designers, who have like Mazo, love towards the Nordic and Japanese design.

16PLUS has originally been designed in 1979 by the Danish/Japanese designer Snorre Læssøe Stephensen. Snorre found his way in clay- and porcelain-world by collaborating with his father Magnus Læssøe Stephensen. For a long period Snorre was living in Japan, where he studied traditional Japanese handcrafts and ceramics.

Collection consists of two different types of wall lamps, two pendants and one table lamp – all built around the elegant shade made out of bone china. The lamps shades has been made from bone china, that gives both fragile expression and protects the eyes from being dazzled. The strength of the material allows bone china to be made thinner than traditional porcelain, which gives the lamp lighter and more elegant look.

The gentle light can shine through the thin porcelain, giving cozy atmosphere, while allowing direct light to come out from the shade’s opening. Both table lamps, wall lamps and pendant can be adjusted to maximize the benefit of the direct light.

See the whole 16PLUS collection here.