Cylinder: the new member of the LE KLINT family

22 April 2020
Cylinder: the new member of the LE KLINT family
The classic, recognisable white pleats are now available in a new version. The name of the new collection comes from its shape: Cylinder. Included in the collection are the Cylinder pendant in three versions and the Cylinder table lamp in two different sizes.

The collection was designed based on Model 375, which was launched in connection with LE KLINT’s 75-year anniversary in 2018. Based on the famous DNA that defines LE KLINT, the designers have focused on integrating the neat, simple Scandinavian expression. The timeless and organic appearance has a modern touch, making it easy to fit into the Nordic décor that the world continues to gravitate towards.

In contrast to the white lampshades, the base or suspension of the lamps is made from black-stained oak. This gives the collection an exclusive touch, tied together with the inclusion of a black fabric cable. When the lamp is on, it illuminates the white paper lampshade and emits a diffuse glow. A lovely atmospheric lamp for mounting above your dining table or for use as a cosy touch on your dresser or night stand.

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