The Kizu table lamp turns Danish design upside down – now in grey

1 June 2021
The Kizu table lamp turns Danish design upside down – now in grey
The daring curves and captivating art of balance of the iconic marble table lamp are now available in grey nuances that look stunning with the white lampshade. The design is a stellar example of the respectful shove that New Works seeks to give to Danish design. The driving forces for Copenhagen-based New Works are simple and confident silhouettes, functional high-quality craftsmanship, and the desire to break with the comfortable natural colours.

The ambition of maintaining the creative momentum is clearly reflected in the Kizu table lamp. The two opposing geometrical shapes meet in a careful kiss that always appears to be a light breeze from a splintered tragedy. The new grey marble base supports the artistic contrast with the white acrylic lampshade. Meanwhile, the natural white lines of the marble give the design a harmonic cohesion that brings the white lampshade and grey base together in their precarious dance. There can be no doubt that this is Nordic design at its finest, yet the conventional vocabulary fails to encapsulate all that the new Kizu brings to the table.

The Kizu table lamp was designed by Norwegian Lars Tornøe. He began with the simple premise of two identical shapes balancing on top of one another but with contradictory functions: base and lampshade. Out of the trial and error of the design process came Kizu. According to Tornøe, what makes the lamp iconic is its combination of simple shapes and its logical  connection. The new grey shade shows that the exciting New Works lamp can still surprise and impress—just like the brand.

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