Pepa portable table lamp – Tradition meets modern technology

18 May 2021
Pepa portable table lamp – Tradition meets modern technology
The new portable lamp from Astep is the perfect extension of their range that puts innovation and the future in focus. Traditional artisanry meets modern technology in the form of a dense ash base paired with a rechargeable LED light. The lamp can be recharged using the USB-C cable included, after which it can be used for up to seven hours. The lamp has an IP20 rating and isn’t fit for outdoor use.

With a height of 27.3 cm and a diameter of 20.6 cm, the Pepa lamp has the dimensions of a lantern, making it easy to use in a variety of contexts. Use it for an atmospheric dining table glow, on the balcony, or as a temporary reading light next to the bed. The humble wooden construction has a natural and sculptural feel that fits seamlessly into any home.

Pepa Table Lamp – inspired by a peppermill

The designer Francesco Faccin found inspiration in a classic peppermill when designing the Pepa table lamp. This is clearly reflected in the shape of the design as well as how you use it. Holding and grinding the lamp as you would with a peppermill turns the light on and off. The lampshade and the handle on top can be rotated 360 degrees, and the two outermost points are reached with a precise click. The brightness can be adjusted gradually from ‘on’ to ‘off’, and you can choose any brightness within that range.

Order the portable Pepa Table Lamp here.