When a wall lamp becomes one with the wall – Find the >>super normal<< Oplight from Flos here

18 December 2021
When a wall lamp becomes one with the wall – Find the >>super normal<< Oplight from Flos here
Oplight from Flos is a super normal wall lamp—literally. Italian Flos has embarked on a collaboration with the legendary, epoch-making designer Jasper Morrison, born in London, and the result is a wall lamp in the simplest shape possible.

Jasper Morrison is known for starting a movement and coining the term Super Normal, which describes things that are normal—objects so omnipresent that we overlook them entirely, and things with designs so anonymous that we fail to notice them. BIC pens, paper clip, Fiskars scissors, and wrenches.

Morrison doesn’t think that getting lost in the crowd is a symptom of bad design—he thinks the exact opposite. As far as Jasper Morrison is concerned, Super Normal designs are independent of the designer’s ego and all the noise that designers use to generate publicity surrounding their products. The designs we take for granted—with their super normal self-assuredness—are the ones that survive. They survive trends and tendencies, and their shapes put functionality above all. The purpose of the design outweighs the design itself.

This simplicity is what makes Oplight genius. Morrison uses the lamp’s function and purpose as a starting point and creates a straightforward design that doesn’t inhibit the lamp’s functionality. Oplight is designed to survive changing trends and fashion, so the lamp will never go out of style.

“Oplight is the most obvious, definitive shape a wall light could be”, Morrison says and continues:

“I had been wondering why anonymously designed objects were often superior to named designers’ products, and I came to the conclusion it had something to do with loading a design with too much creative ego.

Find the lamp on our website here!