New product from Farrow & Ball! The Muse Portable

17 December 2021
New product from Farrow & Ball! The Muse Portable
Make room for a practical and aesthetic masterpiece of the highest quality. Tala—a unique British designer firm—has joined forced with the renowned colour experts at Farrow & Ball to create the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get as much out of their light as possible, indoors and out. Farrow & Ball are renowned for their paintings, tapestries, and home décor, and their talented artisanry and experience are plain to see in this gorgeous new product from Tala: The Muse Portable.


The Muse elevates the classic lantern to a new level with an unforgettable design and the latest in LED lighting. The décor is comparatively simple but features a wealth of matching details on the handle, socket, and dimmer. These details make the whole design come together. The lamp has a graceful and romantic expression with a nostalgic touch. It’s also timeless enough to ensure that The Muse fits into any décor, making it the perfect fit no matter your style.

… and practical

On top of the gorgeous design, The Muse Portable is an incredibly versatile lamp with infinite possible uses. The lamp is equipped with an adjustable Dim-to-Warm dimmer. This is particularly sensitive, so you can adjust the brightness as you see fit, making The Muse perfect from dawn till dusk. The IP44 rating means that The Muse Portable holds its own in the face of adverse weather, and the long battery life on the rechargeable battery makes The Muse an excellent companion all year round. Turn on The Muse on a late summer evening with friends, and look closely at the bulb inside that almost appears to be floating in mid-air.

The Muse takes its name from Greek mythology, where the nine muses were goddesses of inspiration. The muses were said to inspire artists, granting them the ability to get ideas and make something new. In this case, Tala had a light bulb moment that resulted in the innovative creation of three muses: one in Candlenut White, one in Pleasure Garden Green, and one in Hackles Black.

Find the three stunning muses here