New product from UMAGE – find the addition to the Asteria collection here!

24 January 2022
New product from UMAGE – find the addition to the Asteria collection here!
When you’re looking for the perfect lamp, you usually have various wishes. These could be that you want its light to be cosy, its materials to be sustainable, and its expression to be aesthetic. That’s what makes a collection like Asteria so satisfying because it delivers on all these elements. To be UMAGE is to take extra care, and that’s exactly what this brand does with each and every one of its phenomenal, sustainable designs. UMAGE’s lamps are timeless, functional, sustainable, and manufactured with high-quality materials and the aim of lasting. With the Asteria collection, Søren Ravn Christensen—the creative developer at UMAGE—has created a series of unique and classic designs, available in various models, colours, and sizes, the latest of which is the Asteria Up Ceiling Lamp Medium.

Asteria Up Medium marries functionality, aesthetics, and simplicity with beautiful craftsmanship, resulting in a stylish and refined expression. The lamp consists of a steel frame, available in various colours. The matte black version is a beautiful contrast to the exquisite brass detail on top and the mother-of-pearl glass. This construction results in an elegant and decorative expression, not to mention an even, soft, and comfortable glow that reaches every corner. To complete the expression, the top panel emits an uplight, contributing to the inviting atmosphere. The unique design features an external dimmer, so you can adjust the LED light as you see fit and create the perfect mood.

Asteria Up features a minimalist and sophisticated design that makes it perfect for any style of décor in need of some beautiful craftsmanship and a good light. Its humble length of 43 cm and height of 17 cm means that it fits perfectly into most places, whether that’s the office, hallway, or kitchen, and whether you use it on its own or in clusters that mix and match the various Asteria models available. The unique decorating options are practically endless. Asteria serves as a lovely, functional light source and doubles as an aesthetic element, as the lamp is stunning whether it’s on or not.

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