Three table lamps from the future – available today

16 January 2022
 Three table lamps from the future – available today
Spice up your décor with stark contrasts and tangential expressions. Whether your décor is classic or traditional, a futuristic lamp provides a decisive contrast that highlights itself and the surrounding décor.

Below are three futuristic table lamps that can help bring your décor into the 22nd century.

Yasuke Table Lamp Black - DCW

Yasuke Table Lamp was designed by Studio BrichetZiegler in Paris and manufactured by DCW éditions, and it just came in from the future. The lamp is incredibly elegant and minimalistic—and at the same time, it looks like something you would find on the Millennium Falcon or the DeLorean in Back to the Future.

The lamp’s futuristic expression has rubbed off on its functionality, and the two touch adjustment buttons are elegantly incorporated into its design. The two legs that emerge from and merge with the lamp’s bright body turn into two wheels on the other side. You can adjust the brightness by touching one of the wheels, while the other allows you to adjust the temperature of the light.

Find the Yasuke Table Lamp Black from DCW here!

Stemlite - Gubi

The  Star Treks fans out there might find that Gubi’s Stemlite lamps ring a bell. That’s because Gubi has relaunched Stemlite, Bill Curry’s “total look” lamp, which adorned the interiors of the USS Enterprise during the first seasons of Star Trek.

When Bill Curry first designed the Stemlite lamp in 1962, it was a tribute to the zeitgeist surging through the US at the time. The Space Race inspired a generation of popular culture and design—and thanks to Gubi’s relaunch of the Stemlite collection, you too can decorate your home with this work of genuine space-age fantasy from a time when that meant something else—when Stars and Stripes waved from flagpoles on perfectly manicured lawns along palm-lined boulevards in suburbs around the US.

Find all versions of Stemlite from Gubi here

One+ Table Lamp /w Air Sensor – Heavn

Lamps have come to be more than just sources of light – many lamps combine the light with various helpful features, and One+ from Heavn is no exception.

With a minimalist and elegant design that sticks to neat lines and simple expressions, Heavn has created a table lamp with a smart light that fits into even the most advanced modern décor. The lamp is packed with additional features, such as a timer, colour control, brightness settings that follow the light throughout the day, an adjustable head, a wireless charger, and an air sensor that reminds you to air out your spaceship.

One+ is an incredibly elegant lamp that looks beautiful on desks, side tables, coffee tables, on the living room floor, and as a practical addition to the crafts room.

Find One+ Black w/ Air Sensor from Heavn here!

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