Unique new classic in a truly special shade - Get the New Works Kizu Unique Marble here

7 February 2022
Unique new classic in a truly special shade - Get the New Works Kizu Unique Marble here
The Kizu lamp became an instant classic when it was launched. The designer Lars Tornøe and the Danish brand New Works have managed to create something new, and the never-before-seen expression made the table lamp an instant hit when it hit the retail shelves in 2015. The two contrasting geometric shapes and the exquisite choice of material made Kizu stand out from the crowd of new designer lamps—and its popularity inevitably resulted in an expanded collection with different sizes and materials.

Lampemesteren was one of the first retailers to spot the classic potential of the new lamp—and in collaboration with New Works, we are delighted to lift the veil on an exclusive new version of this already exclusive lamp.

It’s called Kizu Small Unique Marble–and although the silhouette is the same as always, the shade of the material is truly unique. So far, Kizu has only been available with a black, white, and grey marble base, but Unique Marble introduces a special new flecked grey. The lamp still uses white marble but with extraordinarily many veins.

The veins in the marble make the lamp truly unique as they create shadows, dynamics, and patterns. They also ensure that every Kizu table lamp is unique, and the elegant veins of crystallised minerals are created by pressure over millions of years, making the material highly coveted and special. The natural beauty makes each lamp unique—and with the new special Unique Marble version, you also have the chance to get your hands on a unique version of an already incredibly unique lamp.

The shape is the same seductive shape that we’ve come to know and love, and the two contrasting geometric figures create balance in a way that makes the lamp a special addition to your décor. The soft hemispheres and natural materials have a calming effect with an exciting touch conveyed through the balancing act that is the lamp’s shape—and this balancing act is cemented in the harmonious dynamic between the lamp’s shape, material, and expression.

There are only 50 Kizu Unique Marble lamps, and the limited edition is only available at Lampemesteren.

Find the Kizu Unique Marble here!