Quality craftsmanship – Warm Nordic is finally on Lampemesteren

24 March 2022
Quality craftsmanship – Warm Nordic is finally on Lampemesteren
We’re pleased to announce that Lampemesteren.com can finally bid a warm welcome to the Danish design brand Warm Nordic. Frantz Longhi founded Warm Nordic because he wanted to bridge the gap between the past and the present in Scandinavian design history, thereby cultiavting the Nordic aesthetic with Danish and international designers who share that passion. It became a project close to Longhi’s heart, whose ambition was to highlight the Nordic style and its warmth, atmosphere, and aesthetic using a handpicked universe of Scandinavian design classic.

Frantz Longhi had been collecting Scandinavian designs for years and decorated various Kähler restaurants with his auction finds from the 50s and 60s, which were no longer in production—and this gave him an idea. He contacted the families of the original architects and designers and discovered that there was huge support for breathing new life into the iconic designs through Warm Nordic. Warm Nordic furniture originally created by designers like Svend Aage Holm Sørensen and Hans Agne Jakobsson has been relaunched in excellent craftsmanship, modern colours, and high-quality materials, so the classic designs can find their place in any style of décor.

These days, Warm Nordic collaborates with the old designers’ families and with various new Danish and international designers, who contribute unique and exquisite designs to the Warm Nordic universe through good craftsmanship, new colours, and shapes with clear references to the beloved classics. Warm Nordic has launched two collections—the Classic and Contemporary collections—both of which manifest the quality of Scandinavian design and its ability to transcend time and generations. Step into a universe of quality craftsmanship in stunning colours with a Nordic edge with Warm Nordic. Each product is guaranteed to bring you and your family joy every day.

Explore the Scandinavian design classics, and get lots of design and quality for your money with a timeless and aesthetic addition to your décor.

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