Como from Dyberg Larsen in new, modern, and unique colour combination!

30 June 2022
Como from Dyberg Larsen in new, modern, and unique colour combination!
Do you dream about bringing a cosy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere into your décor? Then we have great news! Because Danish Dyberg Larsen just added a collection of new lamps, to one of their unique lamp series; Como.

The Danish lighting brand have designed extraordinary lamps, that since its foundation in 2011 have been deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition with their clean lines, streamlined and minimalist expression, and use of black and white shades. Dyberg Larsen has a wide range of exquisite lamps for both indoor and outdoor use that can easily fit into most interior styles, which also applies to the new Como lamps.

With the Como series, Dyberg Larsen has once again managed to create some unique and eye-catching lamps that, clearly reflect their unique design DNA with the elegant, clean lines and the Scandinavian style that makes them stand out in the décor. Today, the Como series consists of a floor lamp, a pendant and a long-table pendant, the latter of which also is available in black metal. In 2022, the entire series now also comes in the combination smoke/brass, which makes the lamp exude warmth, cosiness, and well-being, which seeps out into the rest of the room.

Como lamps can be placed anywhere in the home, where they illuminate the room in more than, one way due to the neat brass, and the smoky light sources. Even though the light sources are visible, the smoked glass guarantees the light won’t blind you and your guests, so, you can safely place both the pendant and the long-table pendant over the dining table, and floor lamp in your cosy reading corner, and simply enjoy the beautiful and pleasant lighting. Regardless of location, you are guaranteed a modern, aesthetic, and functional source of lighting that adorns your décor and creates an eye-catcher for many years.

href=/msearch?q=como+dyberg+larsen&groups_1467_170712=[170738]>See the full Dyberg Larsen Como series in smoke and brass here