Extraordinary home accessories from Danish GUBI - Find it here!

6 June 2022
Extraordinary home accessories from Danish GUBI - Find it here!
We’re pleased to introduce a collection of exquisite home accessories from the Danish brand
GUBI! The brand was founded in 1967 by Bjarke and Lisbeth Olsen. Today, it’s run by their son Jacob Olsen, who has carried on the legacy of respect for tradition and innovation and continues to uphold the brand’s core values, including creativity, curiosity, and the courage to go all-in. This is one of the reasons that the brand is known for its carefully curated and intuitively iconic products that speak to our emotions and tell meaningful stories that have survived the test of time and transcended physical borders.

With a range of unique, timeless, and stylish lamps, it’s not surprising that GUBI’s home accessories is equally incredible. Find everything from candlesticks and mirrors to bowls and unique coat hooks. The entire collection has a touch of seamless elegance and exclusivity that adds charm and personality to your décor that you won’t be able to be without.

The collection includes the original Matégot Coat Rack by Mathieu Matégot, with its functional and decorative design from 1956 that still fits seamlessly into all styles of décor. The design comes in three gorgeous colours, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect coat hook for your décor. The coat hook pays tribute to organic shapes and airiness and serves as a unique, exciting alternative to traditional hooks.

Or how about getting your hands on the exquisite Adnet Mirror, which was designed by Jacques Adnet in 1950, becoming one of the first products to combine glass and leather? The interesting combination gives the mirror a rustic and elegant look that makes it an attractive addition to your décor, where it contributes a touch of edge and personality. The mirror comes in three sizes, all with unique brass and leather details that add sculptural value to any room in the home.

If you need a simple and elegant candlestick, GUBI has a solution for that too! In collaboration with the Space Copenhagen design duo, GUBI has created a candlestick that brings together the industrial materials of polished steel and dark antique brass, creating an exclusive and modern look that fits seamlessly into any home. The candlestick comes in five different sizes, and you can mix and match them to create your own unique and personal expression.

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