Iconic design from Louis Poulsen, now available in a new model - Find the unique NJP Mini Table Lamps here

27 June 2022
Iconic design from Louis Poulsen, now available in a new model - Find the unique NJP Mini Table Lamps here
Exciting news from the Danish brand Louis Poulsen! In 2022, the brand has launched another collaboration with the renowned Japanese design studio Nendo, putting the founder Oki Sato in charge of creating the new NJP Mini Table Lamps. This new addition to the NJP family is a stripped back version of the NJP Table Lamp, which is a modern take on the classic, flexible architect lamp. Just like its predecessor, the lamp is characterised by its round, soft shape.

The first NJP lamps hit the market in 2015, and with the new NJP fixtures, the family has become more flexible than ever. The stripped-back version is also equipped with the familiar opening on the back of the lampshade, allowing stepless adjustment of the organic head while allowing the arm to rotate 342°. These features make it easy to adjust the direction of the light as you see fit. Furthermore, the harmonious lamp head produces a symmetrical downlight that doesn’t blind you and your guests. When you turn the light on, the brightness increases until it reaches a certain level, and when you turn it on, the light slowly fades. The stylish fixture also has a practical built-in timer, so the light turns off automatically after 4-8 hours.

These new Louis Poulsen table lamps can be placed anywhere at home or in public spaces, and they’re great for creating small islands of lights in the bedroom, living room, or home office, not to mention cafés, hotel rooms, and lounges, where they contribute a comfortable and calming atmosphere. The new NJP Mini Table Lamps come in classic black, white, and light aluminium grey, and they’re now available in the warmer hues of pink brown, delicate pink, petroleum blue, and taupe. All seven shapes contribute a timeless edge to the unique design and set the scene for contemplation, cosy moments, and quality time. NJP Mini provides the perfect synergy between functionality and aesthetics, making it a practical and decorative interior design element guaranteed to complement your existing décor.

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