Verpan adorns the Pantop collection with even more colours!

28 July 2022
Verpan adorns the Pantop collection with even more colours!
‘There are no ugly colours, only ugly combinations of colours.’ Such are the words of the iconic Danish designer Verner Panton, and if you look through his collection of furniture and light sources, it clearly shines through that he was not scared of colours. The new Pantop lamps in Dusty Blue and Matt Terracotta carry on this colourful legacy.
Over the course of his career, Pantop stood out from the crowd and his contemporaries thanks to his futuristic designs and ground-breaking use of materials, shapes, and colours, which made him a true pioneer in his field. This is one of the reasons his designs continue to transcend borders and generations.
Verpan can now pride itself on having carried on the remarkable design legacy of Verner Panton as the exclusive owner of all his designs. Just like Panton, Verpan is the result of the Danish design tradition that has helped make Denmark one of the most significant players on the market when it comes to functional, unique, and modern design.


In 2022, we have the pleasure of adding new, exciting models to the classic Pantop collection, which consists of table lamps, pendants, and portable table lamps in a range of beautiful colours. All lamps in the collection are available in a wealth of lovely, unique colours guaranteed to add charm and personality to your décor.

Pantop is a design from the 1980s that has had a renaissance as people have rediscovered classic Danish design, which is bound to have a good story, an authentic retro expression, and a range of beautiful colour options that make each lamp a decorative addition to your décor. So, it comes as no surprise that Verpan has decided to add even more colours to the unique Pantop collection, so you are guaranteed to find a lamp or two that are perfect for your style of décor. This time around, the colours that have snuck into the Pantop collection are Dusty Blue and Matt Terracotta, and the new shades are available as a table lamp, portable table lamp, and pendant, so you can find the perfect model for your needs. The new colours fit seamlessly into any style of décor as they have a natural touch that is easy to combine with every colour under the sun.

Find the new pendants and table lamps in Dusty Blue and Matt Terracotta here