PePo from Made by Hand & Nina Bruun - Read more about the new glass pendants here!

4 August 2022
PePo from Made by Hand & Nina Bruun - Read more about the new glass pendants here!
The simple words ‘Made by Hand’ imply exquisite quality, unique shape, one-of-a-kind aesthetic, and exceptional craftsmanship. So, it is very fitting that the modern Danish designer brand Made By Hand has chosen this exact name, which pays tribute to the lovely artisanry and understated luxury that characterised its collection.

Made by Hand was founded in 2014 with a vision of creating innovative, lasting designs produced by local artisans in Denmark and abroad. The Danish brand is driven by a passion for natural materials and dependability, which results in aesthetic designs with exquisite details that add personality to your home, workplace, and other living spaces.

In a bid to further its remarkable design legacy, Made by Hand has collaborated with the Danish designer Nina Bruun, and the result is the PePo pendant.

The PePo pendant is a classic, simple design characterised by its seamless elegance that can be incorporated into modern and traditional styles of décor alike. Nina Bruun has designed an exceptional pendant with an organic and tactile shape inspired by the shape of a pumpkin.  

‘PePo is designed with a desire to create a simple yet sculptural lamp with a highly commercial appeal. I really wanted to give the classic glass pendant more character and personality’, Nina Bruun says. As a result, PePo features traditional functionality in an unconventional shape that embraces soft waves and movements, which we do not often see in glass lamps.

The unique design is made using blown opal glass, giving it a unique and stylish touch that fosters admiration and commands attention no matter where you place it. You can use the pendant above your dining table, on the windowsill, or in a dark corner of your home—essentially anywhere that needs a diffuse, comfortable, glare-free glow. The PePo pendant also comes in two different sizes, so you can find the perfect model no matter your needs!

Find the lovely PePo pendants here