Northern expands collection with unique Salto lamps - Find them here!

10 October 2022
Northern expands collection with unique Salto lamps - Find them here!
If you need a highly practical and stylish design that looks stunning next to your couch or armchair or on your nightstands or desk, then read on! In collaboration with the Oslo-based brand Gridy, the Norwegian designer brand Northern has launched a design that lives up to these requirements with its slim, neat lines and minimalist expression that embodies Scandinavian design at its best.

The designer brand Northern boasts an ability to combine simplicity, aesthetic, and functionality through exquisite artisanry and streamlined designs that blend in beautifully, creating contrast in your décor. This time, the result of this process is the magnificent Salto collection, which comprises table lamps and floor lamps in a beautiful black hue, which gives the lamps a modern, exclusive touch, or in a lovely beige colour, which underscores the lovely simplicity in the most beautiful way. Gridy was inspired by the adolescent love of skate- and snowboarding, clearly reflected in the visual loop detail that runs from the vertical base to the horizontal arm in a gliding motion, making the lamps a noteworthy addition to your interior design.

The lamps are also equipped with a discreet three-step brass touch dimmer, placed on the tip of the integrated LED light, and an adjustable lampshade and base, which make it even easier for you to adjust the light to suit your changing needs, whether you’re looking for a focused light or a relaxed glow. No matter which lamp and placement you choose, you are guaranteed a unique light source that is as functional as it is decorative.

Find the new Salto table and floor lamps here