Lighting and architecture in beautiful union with the Meter floor lamp from Pholc

3 January 2024
Lighting and architecture in beautiful union with the Meter floor lamp from Pholc
In a wonderful demonstration of design-led Scandinavian minimalism, the Scandinavian collaboration between Swedish lighting company Pholc and Danish design duo Maria Bruun and Anne Dorte Vester has created a monumental light source that both catches everyone's eyes and fits beautifully into the interior: the Meter. The lamp is named after its impressive height of one meter, but is also available in a smaller version of half a meter. The sober, purposeful name of the lamp series is indicative of the ingenuity and rigour behind the design. In the drawings for Meter, Bruun and Wester cross the design with architecture and art with an emphasis on abstraction, resulting in a minimalist and ultra-simple design that exudes character in every detail.

In its design, Meter is reminiscent of a column as found in ancient Greece. Its wide diameter and imposing height, combined with the white cover and the beautiful edges that run the entire length of the lamp, complement its architectural design and make it an aesthetic addition that fits particularly well in larger spaces with a taste for simplicity and neutral colour tones.

The sophisticated design is highlighted beautifully when you switch on the lamp, and the entire structure is illuminated in a soft, atmospheric glow. As the shade completely obscures the light source, light only penetrates the room indirectly through the thin white fabric, ensuring a soft and even distribution of light. You can also adjust the intensity of the light thanks to the built-in brightness adjustment function, which provides the right backlight for any time and purpose.

View the Meter floor lamp in both sizes here.