Arne Jacobsen's 122nd Birthday: Iconic Designer Behind Evergreens and Life Stories

11 February 2024
Arne Jacobsen's 122nd Birthday: Iconic Designer Behind Evergreens and Life Stories
Danish design legend Arne Jacobsen, born February 11, 1902, is being celebrated worldwide on his birthday for his extraordinary contribution to modern architecture and design. Jacobsen, who died in 1971, left an indelible mark on the world through his groundbreaking creations and a unique vision that continues to inspire generations today.

Jacobsen's life was characterized by unstoppable creativity and a relentless pursuit of perfection. He trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and quickly established himself as a leading figure in modernist design.

Among his most iconic works are his lights, which combine functionality with exceptional aesthetics. Below you can learn more about five of his evergreens:

AJ Floor Lamp: With its slim, curved stem and distinctive asymmetrical shade, this lamp offers a subtle elegance that fits perfectly into both modern and traditional interior design styles. The soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for relaxation or cozy gatherings, where it also serves as a decorative design element.

AJ Royal Pendant: The AJ Royal pendant is known for its simple elegance and high-quality materials, as well as being one of Jacobsen's most famous creations from the 1960s for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. This pendant has a timeless look and is a perfect example of Jacobsen's ability to create unique designs that last year after year.

AJ Wall Lamp: With its minimalist design and clean lines, this wall lamp exudes a simple beauty that fits perfectly with modern interiors. The adjustable arm allows for flexible lighting, making it ideal as a bedside reading lamp or in the living room.

AJ Table Lamp: An iconic desk lamp with a clean look and functionality that still impresses. The asymmetrical design and adjustable shade make this lamp stand out and allow for targeted lighting, perfect for your desk or as an atmospheric lamp in the living room. Jacobsen's ability to combine form and function is evident in this simple yet beautiful lamp.

Series 7 Chair: Although not a lamp, this chair is one of Jacobsen's most famous pieces of furniture. With its light and elegant design, it is a favorite among design enthusiasts and still holds a prominent place in modern interiors around the world.

In addition to his design legacy, there are many fascinating fun facts about Jacobsen. He was a passionate painter, a skilled photographer and an avid cyclist who often used his bicycle as a means of transportation around Copenhagen. His unique eyeglass frames, the so-called "Jacobsen frames", are still a coveted fashion item among design enthusiasts.

Arne Jacobsen's legacy continues to live on, and his birthday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate his timeless contribution to modern aesthetics and functionality.

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