FLOS STORIES: Marcel Wanders' Skynest combines technology and poetry

29 June 2024
FLOS STORIES: Marcel Wanders' Skynest combines technology and poetry
Marcel Wanders' creative and poetic design takes on a new dimension with Skynest, his latest lighting design for Flos. Combining formal elegance with technical innovation, Skynest is both artful and sophisticated. With an LED strip woven into a textile tube, Skynest creates a basket-like shape that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

Skynest consists of 24 LED light bars covered by a two-color textile structure. The light is emitted from the white side only, while the color of the fabric remains visible on the outside. The combination of the different light elements with 48 colored bars on both sides brings the lamp to life. The result is an ethereal, light presence that is clearly inspired by the world of craftsmanship, but with an unexpected technological twist.

Wanders' intuitive idea of using weaving as a new light source is both revolutionary and surprising. While weaving lampshades is almost standard in craft-inspired lighting, the shift in perspective - making the basket the light source itself - transforms Skynest into an innovative design piece. It creates a bridge between two worlds that are increasingly converging in our modern age.

The name itself, Skynest, is also highly symbolic: it evokes memories of Wanders' earlier masterpieces and conjures up the image of a floating nest of light - a dreamy and poetic vision. The Skynest is also an example of sustainable design. It is made from recycled and fully recyclable plastic (PL). Each part is held in place by special micro connectors and no glue is used to assemble the different parts. The entire lamp can be easily disassembled for repairs and replacements.

Marcel Wanders' Skynest is not just a lamp, but an artistic interpretation of light that beautifully combines the traditional aesthetics of craftsmanship with modern technology and sustainability. This innovative design brings new life to lighting and inspires with its creative and eco-friendly approach.

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Original text by FLOS in FLOS STORIES