Louis Poulsen Limited Edition: PH 2/2 Luna by Poul Henningsen

1 September 2023
Louis Poulsen Limited Edition: PH 2/2 Luna by Poul Henningsen
The PH 2/2 Luna is this year's Limited Edition lamp from Louis Poulsen.

Originally designed by Poul Henningsen himself in 1939, the PH 2/2 is now being reissued as an exclusive collector's item for design lovers. Louis Poulsen is behind the re-release, spicing up the lives of design enthusiasts every year with fine lamps in limited editions.

This year's limited edition lamp was originally known as the Nightstand Lamp, as it was precisely the nightstand that Poul Henningsen had in mind when he designed the PH 2/2. The original lamp bears a striking resemblance to the newly released version, with its distinctive curved frame and stunning design details. The frame, base and socket are made of beautifully brushed brass, and the fine lines lead to the elegant mouth-blown opal glass shade construction.

In true Poul Henningsen style, the shades are based on the designer's three-shade system, which dates back to 1926. The idea was to create shades that reduce glare from the poor light bulbs of the time.

The story of Poul Henningsen and the three-screen system can be read here!

Poul Henningsen's Nightstand Lamp

The original Poul Henningsen Nightstand Lamp, released in 1939, was shorter than the new limited reissue created by Louis Poulsen. Originally, the PH 2/2 measured only 230mm in height - whereas the new bedside lamp measures a whopping 320mm. This makes the lamp more versatile and means that the lamp can now also be used at a desk, for example.

But the practical additions don't stop there. In addition to the increased height, Louis Poulsen has also made the lamp's head rotatable. This means that you can point the light in the exact direction where you need light.

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