Three Contrast Makers from DCWéditions

15 December 2023
Three Contrast Makers from DCWéditions
The renowned French company DCW has created a range of quirky and exciting lamps with the ambition of delivering timeless lights that are unaffected by the passage of time and that remain unique and functional for generations. With their often quirky existences, you have the opportunity to create a unique look in your home that is guaranteed to surprise and delight visitors. Take a look at three of the lights of the future from DCWéditions below:

Org Pendant Horizontal 1300 Gold
This lamp designed by German Sebastian Summa looks like both a classic lamp, but also a futuristic and modern addition that perfectly parallels the 21st century. Drawing clear inspiration from astronomy and science fiction, the designer has managed to create a phenomenal and asymmetrical look that can spice up your chosen room in true galactic fashion.

The lamp is also available as a vertical pendant or wall light. Explore the Org universe here!

Focus 5 Pendant Black
This special and reimagined version of a pendant light is Japanese Yuji Okitsu's take on how to make the home a little more opulent, yet elegant and simple. The lamp's beautiful soap bubble-like light hangs frozen in time, sparkling invitingly through the unique light sources that create a unique and angled view even when the lamp is turned off. The different sizes of lights hang in a constellation reminiscent of a classic planeturo, and as both the light sources and the frame rotate independently, the light is able to reach a wider area. With the Focus 5 pendant light, you get both a stunning and fascinating pendant light that with its atmospheric light makes the room a very special place and puts "FOCUS" on what matters to you.

The Focus series is available with 3, 4 or 5 light sources and in black or white. See the selection here!

Delumina 250 Wall Lamp Black
Italian OliveLab, in collaboration with DCW, has created a lamp that is guaranteed to challenge your view of what is physically possible for a lamp; in fact, it's all about physics! Delumina plays with the possibility of not only illuminating, but also actively controlling the light. When you turn the stick at the heart of the lamp, you can create an eclipse in the outer glass that affects both the look of the lamp and the mood of your room. Like a full moon, the lamp lights up fully again when you turn the stick in the opposite direction and reverse the polarization in the glass. The lamp's two glass shades offer a unique opportunity to play with physics while decorating any home with style and simplicity.

Delumina is available in 250mm, 320mm and as a pendant. Discover the cycle of the lighting collection here!

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