Drew - The Pencil Lamp

22 February 2018
Drew - The Pencil Lamp
Time to draw! Drew is a tribute to the classic pencil, adding something fresh and fun to the lamp world. Drew was created by the Australian couple Michael & George, who have added this charming lamp to their existing range of humourous and clever products.

Who drew on the table? Drew stands on a base of rigid cable and the rest of the flexible cable can be placed where and how you want, making it look like this offbeat lamp has been doing some drawing of its own.

The body of the lamp can turn, dimming the light, so Drew can function as both a reading lamp and as mood lighting. Drew has both a standard plug and a USB connector so there are plenty of placement options.

Working perfectly in a child’s room, as well as looking great on a bookcase in the living room or a shelf in the kitchen, Drew will definitely be a topic of conversation.