A lovely old familiar from LE KLINT has returned

19 March 2019
A lovely old familiar from LE KLINT has returned
LE KLINT have chosen to relaunch a lovely old familiar: Vilhelm Wohlert’s wall lamp, the Mushroom, also known as Model 204. The lamp was designed by 1954 and was used in Niels Bohr’s honorary residence in Copenhagen.

The tradition of lovely, old craftsmanship from LE KLINT continues, thanks to their handmade, pleated screens, folded by their folding girls in Odense.
The base of the Mushroom wall lamp is made using unprocessed, light oak, which contributes to the creation of an elegant and unique design. The name of the lamp comes from the shape of the lampshade, which is reminiscent of that of a mushroom.

If you like classic design and good craftsmanship, then the Mushroom wall lamp from LE KLINT is worth considering. The lovely shape makes it truly special.
Se the gorgeous LE KLINT classic up close right here