FLOWERPOT Pendant by Verner Panton in New Size

24 June 2019
FLOWERPOT Pendant by Verner Panton in New Size
Verner Panton was very much ahead of his time when he designed the Flowerpot lamp in 1968. The futuristic design, inspired by the flower power era, is more popular than ever – and it’s not hard to see why.

&Tradition is launching the lovely, stylish pendant from Verner Panton’s iconic Flowerpot collection in a new size. With a diameter of 37 cm, this lamp will fall in between VP1 and VP2. It’ll be perfect for suspending over the dining table, where it’ll light up the entire assembly point – and that’s regardless of whether you use it on its own or in a cluster of Flowerpot pendants to create a unique expression.

Flowerpot was originally designed for the restaurant industry, but it didn’t take long to infiltrate private residences. These days, the retro trend has fuelled interest in Verner Panton and, in particular, the Flowerpot collection. The simple, round shapes and loud colours are perfect for the impeccable, Nordic style of décor. Flowerpot is one of the most durable bestsellers, and it will always appear natural and soft, regardless of where you place it. It has a personality of its own.

See the beautiful Flowerpot VP7 Pendant here, and choose the colour that best suits your décor.