Flos launch the 265 wall lamp in red – Limited Edition

12 September 2019
Flos launch the 265 wall lamp in red – Limited Edition
When the lamp was designed back in the early 1970s, the colours of interior design were popping. For that reason, it was originally designed in a warm, red colour, which is now being relaunched in a limited edition.

The Flos 265 wall lamp first saw the light of day in 1973 – more than 45 years later, the stylish and elegant wall lamp is more popular than ever. It was designed by Paolo Rizzatto, who wasn’t scared to challenge any and all traditions of design. His raw details and simple designs put him ahead of the curve, and the practical, minimalist 265 wall lamp is still getting attention in the world of interior design.

The 265 wall lamp comes with a bracket that allows you to mount the lamp on your wall and see for yourself how the flexible 205cm-long arm appears to be floating in air. The arm can be adjusted 180 degrees while the lampshade placed at the end of the arm can be turned up and down. A weight has been put in place to balance the construction and ensure that adjusting the lamp is simple and elegant.

The flexibility of the lamp means that it can replace a pendant hanging above your dining table, coffee table, or work area. In some cases, the versatile lamp can even act as a substitute for a practical floor lamp or be used for cosy lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The red colour gives your interior design a down-to-earth sense of warmth. With its dash of precision, the simple lamp complements minimalist décor particularly well. Pair it with golden and brown shades to achieve a warm atmosphere in your home. The eye-catching colour means that the lamp also serves as a good contrast to the cool, light shades that are typical of Scandinavian décor. The red 265 wall lamp is the ideal choice for anyone interested in joining the retro trend. The functional lamp gives a nod to the 1970s, where the focus was on having a cosy and colourful home.

Buy the exciting wall lamp here, where you can also find the lamp in its black and white versions.