NEW PRODUCT - New icon from Verner Panton

28 August 2019
NEW PRODUCT - New icon from Verner Panton
Verpan have gone through Verner Panton’s archive of lovely drawings and found a distinct and sculptural design. The new Hive pendant has never been manufactured before, but we are happy to announce that Verpan have decided to breathe life into one of the original sketches from 1960.

Verner Panton was known for being ahead of his time in terms of his lamp designs – and the Hive pendant is no exception. This lovely lamp in polished aluminium feels like something from outer space while its shape is reminiscent of a futuristic beehive.

The pendant is constructed using lampshades of various sizes to create a generous downward-facing light that complements the soft, diffuse light being emitted from the sides. The comfortable light makes the pendant, with a diameter of 48 cm, perfect for use over your dining table where it can illuminate your company without blinding anyone.

Our aim for 2019 is to bring more warmth and cosiness into interior design. The Hive is the perfect product to help us achieve that goal. The soft shapes contribute to a warm atmosphere while the association with a beehive creates a cosy, warm mood and a feeling that nature has been brought straight into your home.

If you continue to gravitate towards Scandinavian and minimalist décor, this stylish lamp will be a gorgeous detail to add to your interior design. The lovely lamp adds an elegant and sophisticated touch and promises to attract all sorts of well-deserved attention from anyone who steps into the room.

You can find more information about the lovely Hive pendant here.