Make the everyday more entertaining with a unique lamp from Seletti – New brand in the shop

3 October 2019
Make the everyday more entertaining with a unique lamp from Seletti – New brand in the shop
An undeniably quirky and exciting brand has come to our shop – Seletti. The Italian brand are known for their playful designs inspired by everyday objects. The unusual products are the result of an extraordinary combination of pop-art, art, and personality stemming from an unconventional approach to design.

Seletti allows you to add a unique and personal touch of lighting to your décor. Just consider the Bouche table lamp - a table lamp inspired by the apothecary bottle. With the retro revival, the brown glass bottle has become a decorative element in numerous homes. The designer, Alessandro Zambelli, has combined the simple bottle with new technology by placing a small neon tube in the shape of a spiral inside. The light shines through the coloured glass, creating a distinct, atmospheric glow.

On top of that, the selection includes a group of lamps inspired by the animal kingdom; Monkey Lamp, Bird Lamp, and the small Mouse Lamp. All three lamps were designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, and they are excellent examples of decorative design with personality and humour. The animals create a cosy, safe, and relaxing atmosphere, all three of which are key for the busy, modern person.

No Monkey Lamp Without a Banana Lamp

The irresistible little monkey holding a bulb in its hand, in particular, has received lots of attention. It keeps you company and expresses our desire to lead happy, carefree lives.

Of course, Seletti have also been inspired by the most popular fruit of our day, creating the Banana Lamp! The design duo, Studio Job, have been developing modern designs with a personal touch for more than 15 years. This lamp is the perfect addition to the artistic Seletti universe characterised by creativity and the ability to create eye-catching interior design. Their iconic and cartoonish style brings a smile to your face, and their banana lamp is no exception.

Made in Italy

Seletti was founded by Romano Seletti in 1964 and is now owned by his son, Stefano Seletti. They started out as a small import company that sold tin mugs, straw mats, plastic table cloths, etc. at small, local markets in Italy. When Stefano was brought on board at the age of 17, he quickly went on to develop his own ideas. They primarily consisted of replacing the ordinary, everyday objects with unusual, decorative products – and the Seletti that we know and love today stems directly from his innovation.

Without compromising on the quality that goes along with the “Made in Italy” label, the brand focuses on improvements, innovation, and originality. Seletti is one of the brands that well and truly stand out.

Bring personality to your interior design with an extravagant Seletti lamp. You can find our selection here.