Campaign - 20% discount on Oslo Wood Floor Lamps from Northern

7 January 2020
Campaign - 20% discount on Oslo Wood Floor Lamps from Northern
If you take a walk in Oslo on late winter night and pay attention to how the trees in the center of Oslo filters the urban light when it hits the tops of the trees – then you can really sense the mood, that the designer Ove Roger has gotten him inspired of, when he designed the characteristic Oslo Wood Floor Lamp.

In the same way that the light is reflected, when it hits the top of tree, Oslo Wood lamp spreads the light through the shade’s contours. The flexible shade can be adjusted, so that the light spreads in the needed direction. Diffused and comfortable light spreads through the semitransparent shade to the room, while the upward light is reflecting in the surroundings and giving a soft light.

The modern and sleek design fits effortlessly in minimalistic interior, where especially the relaxing atmosphere of nature gets attention. Choose from several different colors and find the one that suits the best in your home.

With this beautiful floor lamp, you can create a cozy atmosphere at home – not just because of the atmospheric light, but also because of the associations with Norwegian nature and walk among Oslo’s tall trees.

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