NEW PRODUCT - Practical reading lamp: Firenze by DybergLarsen

20 May 2020
NEW PRODUCT - Practical reading lamp: Firenze by DybergLarsen
If you’re on the lookout for the perfect reading lamp, here’s a new product by DybergLarsen designed to deliver on that exact need. A flexible lampshade allows you to easily adjust the light in the direction you need while the white inside reflects the light, giving you the ideal light for reading.

The Firenze floor lamp is amazing as a reading lamp by your couch or armchair. No mounting is required, so you can place the lamp in the exact spot where you prefer to read. The Firenze table lamp can easily be placed on the desk where the slender lamp doesn’t take up much space, all the while providing a fantastic glow for reading or working.

If you don’t have space for a table lamp on your bedside table, the Firenze wall lamp is a good alternative. The lamp focuses the light in your chosen direction without lighting up the entire room—the perfect choice if you don’t want to interrupt anyone else in the room who’s trying to sleep.

Regardless of whether you go for the table lamp, floor lamp, or wall lamp, the on/off button is placed discreetly on top of the lampshade for ease of use. The slim design harkens back to Scandinavian décor and fits seamlessly into any home.

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