NEW PRODUCT - LED candles with unique 3D flames

5 March 2020
 NEW PRODUCT - LED candles with unique 3D flames
You’re probably already familiar with the battery-powered LED tealights that are often used as alternatives to the real thing. They are available in various versions, such as with or without a moving flame, remote control, and timer function.

Through the Danish brand Uyuni Lighting, we have added some lovely Uyuni candles to our shop. The unique thing about Uyuni Lighting’s products is their patented 3D flame, which is incredibly lifelike and appears to flicker naturally when on. The original flame has no physical movement and therefore doesn’t use up battery power trying to keep the movement going. Instead, Uyuni Lighting have used existing LED technology to create a flame that looks like the real thing.

To create an even more realistic glow, Uyuni Lighting have given the candles and tapered lights a wax surface. That makes them perfect for using in a candelabra, lantern, or Christmas wreath, and you wouldn’t know the difference. You end up with the same atmosphere and warm glow that you know and love from a live candle.

With these electric lights, you don’t have to worry about the fire hazard—they don’t heat up too much, and they won’t burn down. The battery-powered candles are a great alternative for those who place great emphasis on maintaining a cosy indoor atmosphere, as they don’t pollute.

Lights by Uyuni can be controlled using the remote control. This is purchased separately and works for all artificial candles by Uyuni. You can use the lights without this remote control, although it does open up for new opportunities, such as the timer function and three-step dimmer.

Read more, and see our range of Uyuni candles here.