Mr. Wattson Table Lamp in Smoked Ash with brass and black details

27 February 2020
Mr. Wattson Table Lamp in Smoked Ash with brass and black details
The quirky and entertainingMr. Wattson table lamp is now available in a new version; with a Smoked Ash body, black head, and either black or brass edges, the new Mr. Wattson is dressed to impress. The contrasting combination of metal and wood gives the lamp a stylish Nordic expression. Inspired by 1930s classic vintage cars, the lamp has a retro look that fits seamlessly into modern Scandinavian décor.

The gorgeous details reveal that the lamp is made by hand. The long body and the adjustable legs give the lamp personality and allow you to morph the body into whichever shape you please. Place it wherever you want, whether that’s on the dresser, desk, or to lend an atmospheric glow to the windowsill.

Piffany Copenhagen is the brand behind the unconventional Mr. Wattson table lamp. The Danish company have a desire to create unique products with a personal expression—an endeavour in which they have succeeded when it comes to their Wattson lamp. It breathes life into your interior design, puts a smile on your face, and lights up your surroundings in a joyful glow.

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