The latest addition to the Santa & Cole family

24 April 2020
The latest addition to the Santa & Cole family
Walking the streets of Barcelona in the 1960s, Miguel Milá spotted an abandoned glass sphere in front of a glass factory. He picked it up, and it came to be an essential part of the popular Cesta lamp collection. Inspired by the traditional lanterns that light up coasts, country sides, and open terraces, Miguel drew his first mock-up of the Cesta in 1962. The lamp was named Cesta after the Spanish word for ‘basket’, as it was designed to hold the “delicate” glass sphere. The project resulted in one of the most iconic lamps created by Miguel Milá. Further down the line, the lamp was joined by its little sister Cestita, which is now also available in a To Go version.

The light from the beautiful white opal lampshade emits cosiness, which quickly spreads to the rest of the décor. The glass lampshade is supported by a cherrywood stand, made by European artists using traditional steam-bending techniques and manual assembly. The distinct shape and function remain popular in modern décor, and they complement Nordic interior design particularly well.

The wireless lamp is USB rechargeable, and the charged lamp can be carried around to create a cosy atmosphere wherever you need it. The built-in LED can be set to three different brightness levels and used for around 5 hours at its brightest, 12 hours at the medium setting, and 24 hours at the dimmest.

Find the Cestita To Go lamp here.