Say hello to a British design classic by Coolicon Lighting

30 March 2020
Say hello to a British design classic by Coolicon Lighting
The Coolicon lamp was manufactured for the first time in 1933 with the primary goal of illuminating garages and factories in the United Kingdom. It wasn’t long before they made their way down to the underground in London, where they lit up the backrooms and ticket offices. Some of these lamps are still in place to this day.

The lamp is made in England where Coolicon Lighting remain true to the original version. Today, the lamp has gained popularity in private residences where it lights up the dining table, workspace in the office, as well as the kitchen at large. The lamp is commonly found in cafés and restaurants where it provides good illumination and contributes to the cosy atmosphere.

London Underground version

The famous map of the London underground came out the same year as the first Coolicon lamp. The artist behind the new design was the technical illustrator Harry Beck. At the time, he worked for the London underground signal office, and he had long been trying to organise the extensive system. He succeeded in 1933 with the famous map of the underground—and that happened the very same year as the first Coolicon lampshade was manufactured.

As a tribute to these shared roots and the appearance of the lamp by the underground, the pendant is now available in an underground version where the map appears on the top or inside of the lamp. Furthermore, the lamp is available in two sizes and a range of colours. The lamps were regularly produced and used until the 80s, and Coolicon Lighting have recently restarted production. These days, the industrial look is particularly popular in Scandinavian design, contributing not only a comfortable glow but also a personal touch to the minimalist style.

Find the different sizes and colours here - with and without ‘Underground Map’.