Silhuet Pendant – a tribute to Jo Hammerborg

2 June 2020
Silhuet Pendant – a tribute to Jo Hammerborg
The lovely Silhuet Pendant is characterised by its softly curved shapes. It was designed by Jo Hammerborg in 1977, and Fritz Hansen have relaunched it in 2020. The reason for the relaunch is that 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the award-winning designer’s birth. The lamp features Hammerborg’s autograph and a special centennial engraving on the inside of the lampshade.

Shaping the lamp requires the utmost precision as it’s made by hand by some of the most talented artisans out there. The handmade nature means that there may be small variations in the surface of the lamp, making each product unique. The lamp is made of brass—either with a brushed or a polished finish. Over time, this brass will develop a natural patina, changing its appearance. When it comes to interior design, patina is the new black, and the lamp contributes more than just a warm glow—it contributes a unique and personal style to your home.

Jo Hammerborg

Jo Hammerborg was an outspoken man of ideas who spent his life crafting and developing his passions. He grew up on the outskirts of Randers and trained as a silversmith, studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and worked as a silversmith at George Jensen. He was hired as the Chief Design Officer at Fog & Mørup in 1957 and continued working for them until 1980.

Privately, Jo Hammerborg was an active and versatile sportsperson, and outside of his career, he was a pioneer of parachuting and flying. His passion for parachuting tragically ended up costing him his life when he died in an accident at the age of 62.

Find the lamp in polished and brushed brass right here.