A kaleidoscope of colours—Carnival from Design By Us

24 February 2021
A kaleidoscope of colours—Carnival from Design By Us
If you want to bring lively colours and bold patterns into your interior design, the Carnival pendants are worth checking out. The unique lamps are made from finely cut glass and constructed using a careful selection of colours that complement one another.

Choose from four different colour combinations that look lovely on their own and in a cluster of sparkling pendants. The light is reflected in the smooth, simple pendants and produces a seductive glow with an almost magical feel. Disguised as an exclusive, elegant pendant, Carnival adds a festive touch to any room.

A match made in heaven

is the best way to describe the collaboration between Design By Us and Reflections Copenhagen. The two design companies both specialise in playful and creative design. Design By Us have many years of experience with decorative lighting, making them the perfect match for Reflections Copenhagen with their experience with crystal.

The result speaks for itself; Find the four Carnival pendants here