New product - Ellipse Pendant from Watt & Veke

24 March 2021
New product - Ellipse Pendant from Watt & Veke
On a quest to make our daily lives brighter, designers Watt & Veke have created a lighting solution that does more than just light up the room. The Swedish brand has been designing and manufacturing lamps since 1998, building on the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity. Their collection is home to various lamps characterised by their natural materials, including the light and elegant Ellipse pendants in cotton fabric.

The Ellipse lamp has a simple construction in the form of a steel frame upholstered with a thin cotton fabric. In its functionality, the lamp is similar to the beloved rice paper lamp, only in a more modern and stylish version. The thin material lights up just like a rice paper lamp, emitting a diffuse light into the room. The result is the comfortable and effective light you might remember from the bedrooms and children’s rooms of the 1980s.

Choose between two sizes with diameters of 65 and 80 cm respectively, the smaller of which is available in various sizes. The lamp adds a unique touch to your décor, whether that’s above the dining or coffee table or in the bedroom or child’s room.

Find the Ellipse Pendant from Watt & Veke here