Multi-Lite Black/Brass - A classic in disguise

28 January 2021
Multi-Lite Black/Brass - A classic in disguise
The Multi-Lite lamp has become a classic in its own right, thanks to the eye-catching design that makes a lovely addition to any home. The lamp is already available in various shades, but the pendant is now available in a lovely black/brass combination. The new colour offers the warm glow of golden brass in a modern black that isn’t completely black.

The lamp comprises two cylindrical lampshades encased by two quarter-spheres. The two outer lampshades can be rotated individually around the central axis, allowing several lovely combinations. The distinct lampshade can provide an uplight, downlight, or artistic asymmetrical glow depending on your preference. The playful construction doesn’t just ensure a functional glow but a lamp that invites you to play with light.

The Multi-Lite collection was designed by Louis Weisdorf back in 1972. The collection reflects Weisdorf’s passion for objects that can be customised by involving the user in the design process and offering a more dynamic design.

Choose between the big and small Multi-Lite pendants here . Both available in the extraordinary new shade.