New Danish classic - The Musling pendant

1 September 2021
New Danish classic - The Musling pendant
Denmark is known for its design heritage, complete with innumerable “classics”. We often use the “classic” designation when talking about interiors, furniture, and design. Classics often reflect the needs of the time yet remain stylish and timeless. When it comes to light design, the PH lamps are a glowing example of true design classics. Working with Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen, the brand have been bringing light into the décor of public and private spaces alike for many years.

Denmark’s Next Classic
You can never predict when a product will become a true classic, but you can have a gut feeling. A solid guess for to the next Danish classic is the impressive Musling pendant by Fritz Hansen. The lamp became famous through the Danish series ‘Danmarks Næste Klassiker’ (Denmark’s Next Classic), where Isabel Ahm unveiled the lovely pendant. ”I hope the judges will recognise that the lamp is designed based on the light rather than on the fact of being an object.”

Lovely, simple, and with an expression rooted in history. ”It feels like you’ve seen it before, when really you haven’t” – was one of the comments from the visibly excited judges. The lamp won in the Lamp category where the task was to design a pendant to use above a dining table.

Aside from being lovely, the lamp is also functional. The height of the lower of the two opal glass shells can be adjusted to create space between the two shells, resulting in a cone of light that shines over the dining table without blinding.

Find the Musling pendant here; it definitely has the potential to become Denmark’s Next Classic.