Proper German quality – Bankamp joins Lampemesteren

11 August 2021
Proper German quality – Bankamp joins Lampemesteren
Hailing from Dortmund, the German brand Bankamp has joined forces with Lampemesteren. The brand has embodied all that we associate with the Made in Germany label since 1947: quality, durability, and impeccable functionality. You’ll find everything from flexible lamps with the option to control the temperature of the light to stepless vertical dimming and much more  in the Bankamp range. Prepare for a Bankamp to give you unprecedented control of the light in the room.

Though the technology borders on futuristic, the production methods behind the beautiful façade of the factory in Neheim-Hüsten have stayed true to Bankamp’s tradition of artisanry and sense of quality. To this day, production is in the talented hands of real human beings rather than automated robots. Every time you turn on your Bankamp, you can rest assured that it is the product of great dedication, thanks to the Bankamp ethos.

The functionalist German Bauhaus aesthetic permeates the collection. The versatile Strada rail that can be paired with a wealth of pendants is a particularly great example. Likewise the minimalist Button, available in ceiling, floor, wall and table models, has a simple and confident presence worth highlighting. On the more expansive end of the spectrum, the Luce ceiling lamp impresses with its playful shape and luxurious contrasts. With such a wide range of gorgeous modern designs, any home is guaranteed to look stunning in the reliable light of a Bankamp. Here at Lampemesteren, we’re overjoyed to welcome the German brand to the family, and we look forward to sharing the joy of genuine German quality.

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