A lovely design in great company – Patrone now as a five-pendant cluster

3 June 2021
A lovely design in great company – Patrone now as a five-pendant cluster
Kasper Thorup’s minimalist beauty, the Patrone Pendant, is now in the great company of four identical pendants that hang from the ceiling together like frozen brass drops. Each pendant is handmade by local Copenhagen artists, and the lovely brass cylinders are perforated with great care and skill. The expression is as stylishly simple as ever but now features an expansive dynamic touch, thanks to the addition of four pendants at various heights. The cluster brings to mind the classic Asian wind chime and gives the room a touch of Feng Shui.

With this stunning innovative product, Kasper Thorup once again showcases the creative energy he brought to the Danish TV show Denmark’s Next Classic in 2019. The cluster clearly reflects the young talent’s fascination with Danish design classics and the tradition of style and functionality that he’s well on his way to inherit. Still, Thorup keeps his eyes and ears open for inspiration in whatever form it may take.

This balancing act between the traditional and innovative is clearly reflected in the Patrone Cluster Pendant, which places the familiar and nostalgic in an exciting new context. The blend of the raw industrial expression and the gorgeous Nordic colours makes the lamp an excellent choice, particularly in modern Nordic homes. Functionality is still at the forefront with the gorgeous warm spot that the cluster shines onto the floor, dining table, or living room table below. The cosy atmosphere is almost palpable with a Patrone cluster in the corner.

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