Senadin Outdoor Lamp – Elegant outdoor light turns the garden into a wonderland

11 May 2021
Senadin Outdoor Lamp – Elegant outdoor light turns the garden into a wonderland
With the long summer evenings right around the corner, it’s time to move out into the garden. In other words, it’s time to sort out decorative outdoor lighting. To help you along, we’re proud to introduce this lovely ball of light. With a timeless white surface, this gorgeous outdoor lamp design is a stellar example of the Bauhaus tradition that has been guiding the design philosophy of the German brand Arcchio since 2002. The white sphere offers the simplest and most elegant geometric expression, and it’s bound to give your garden and driveway and unmistakeable aesthetic tough.

The gorgeous white light immediately transforms the garden into a vision taken straight from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. This expression can be strengthened and adjusted by combining Senadin lamps of various sizes. As darkness falls and the seasons change, the lamps transform from cosy lights into enchanting art installations that play with the darkness of the night and evening.

As is the case with all Arcchio outdoor lamps, the German craftsmanship is clear to see. Made from a durable plastic material with an IP54 rating, Senadin withstands both wind and weather. All garden lamps are equipped with a three-metre cable that makes it easy to connect them to the outdoor supply while ensuring a high degree of flexibility in terms of placement. A robust spike underneath the sphere ensures that the lamp stays in place. It can also be installed around the flowerbeds, driveway, or along the garden paths. No matter where you place the lamp, it’ll light up your surroundings in a warm and comfortable glow.

Senadin Outdoor Lamp is available in various exciting sizes here