Frandsen contributes exciting new designs to the Butterfly collection

16 June 2022
Frandsen contributes exciting new designs to the Butterfly collection
It fills our stomach with butterflies to think that the Danish brand Frandsen and its Head of Design, Toni Rie have just added a range of fantastic new lamps to the existing Butterfly family.

Toni Rie designed the first lamps for the Butterfly collection in 2021, when it consisted purely of pendants. But in 2022, we’re lucky enough to witness the collection’s expansion. This year, table lamps, floor lamps, and bigger pendants have been added to the range. All the new lamps have the same defining features as the originals, including the distinct lampshade inspired by Scandinavian design tradition. It comprises two hemispheres facing in opposite directions, which makes the lamp a remarkable addition to your décor.

All the lamps also feature a touch of effortless elegance and minimalism, as it is easily integrated into traditional, modern, and vintage-inspired décor. The different models can be placed wherever you see fit, whether it’s next to the bed or the couches, on the windowsill, or above the dining table. The options are endless—those are just the obvious choices.

The top sphere of the lampshade is fitted with discreet holes that allow a soft, comfortable, glare-free distribution of light, which contributes to the cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

All the new lamps are available in the recognisable Tan Grey, Steel Blue, Pale Green, Red, and Green versions as well as a new Chrome. In other words, there’s a model for everyone in this collection. Adorn your home with a unique Butterfly lamp that doubles as a light source and a decorative element of interior design that’ll never go out of style.

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