Dynamic design becomes portable. Find the wireless Kizu table lamp here

15 March 2022
Dynamic design becomes portable. Find the wireless Kizu table lamp here
The evergreen Kizu table lamp from New Works is now available in three smart wireless models.

First launched in 2015, the Kizu table lamp has returned with the same iconic silhouette, only without the cable. The update makes the lamp—which was already pretty smart—even smarter and speaks straight to the current trend of portable lighting built to be carried around.

New Works has made a series of updates to the model over the years, but the brand has always maintained the original and, at this point, iconic design that turned Kizu into a modern classic. The two identical shapes that balance on top of one another give the lamp a dynamic and balanced touch, while the duality of the base and lampshade are underscored by the contrasting materials of delicate plastic and strong marble.

The only thing that has changed to create the Kizu Portable is the addition of the USB-C port, which allows you to charge the built-in batteries. These shine for up to 10 hours at full brightness on a full charge, but you can also dim the portable model to stretch the light even further. New Works is bringing back the dimmer feature activated by a gentle tap of the elegant, lowered metal circle on top of the lampshade.

Just like the original, the designer behind the lamp is Norwegian Lars Tornøe, and the young designer, who has already earned himself DogA, Red Dot, and Designer of the Year awards, reveals that what makes Kizu so iconic and recognisable is its use of simple geometric shapes.

Find all the Kizu models here, including the portable new variant.