LE KLINT launches 50th anniversary edition of iconic design - Find the new Model 172 lamps here

2 June 2022
LE KLINT launches 50th anniversary edition of iconic design - Find the new Model 172 lamps here
An exciting new product from the Danish brand LE KLINT is here! In 2021, the iconic Model 172 celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the brand has decided to release a gorgeous new anniversary edition with wonderful details that beautifully amplify the original design.

The designer behind the classic and elegant design, Poul Christian, started his lifelong career at LE KLINT in 1967, where he created a revolutionary folding technique using mathematical sine waves. The result was a series of unique shapes that arose extraordinarily from a single piece of flat foil. Ever since, his folding techniques have contributed to the recognisability of LE KLINT lamps and earnt him a spot on the list of ground-breaking designers. Fifty years have come and gone, and the collaboration between Poul Christiansen and LE KLINT continues to inspire new designs year after year, the latest of which was the Galaxy collection in 2022.

The original 172 model was first designed in 1971, and LE KLINT has added new models on a regular basis, allowing you to find the perfect size for your home, no matter your needs. For this reason, the anniversary model comes in two sizes, so you don’t have to compromise on your needs. The Model 172 anniversary edition is characterised by the soft, curved shapes of the original design, creating a dynamic and comfortable aesthetic that looks stunning in any room or style of décor.

This anniversary edition features a lovely brass mount and a stunning fabric cable that completes and contributes to the unquestionable elegance of the design. The new anniversary details also give the familiar design a stylish boost that looks stunning above the dining table, beside the couches, or in a dark corner of your home, where it serves as a light source and doubles as a decorative addition to your interior design.

Find both LE KLINT 172 Sinus Anniversary Editions here