Iconic GUBI design from Louis Weisdorf in a beautiful new colour combo

20 June 2022
Iconic GUBI design from Louis Weisdorf in a beautiful new colour combo
The Danish architect and industrial designer Louis Weisdorf celebrates the 50th anniversary of his exquisite Multi-Lite design! Luckily for us, the Danish brand GUBI has launched the pendant in a gorgeous new exclusive edition to mark the occasion.

The journey started in 1972, when Louis Weisdorf designed the Multi-Lite pendant. The design was an expression of his passion for dynamic and versatile designs that can be customised by the user. He succeeded in this endeavour with Multi-Lite as its complex design allows you to transform the lamp simply by adjusting the lampshades. This flexibility also makes it possible to point the light in whichever direction you want, allowing you to toggle between uplight, downlight, and asymmetrical rays. In other words, you can shape the lamp and the light to suit your needs, your mood, and the atmosphere.

Over the past five decades, the design has been reimagined as table lamps, floor lamps, and other pendants with various materials, colours, and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a lamp that fits your exact needs and style.  

The entire Multi-Lite collection can be described as a representation of the ‘golden era’ of Danish design, thanks to its timeless and lively colours that make the lamp a natural centrepiece in your décor. The lamp consists of two central cylinders and a pair of rotating quarter-spherical lampshades surrounded by a lovely metal ring. The result is a playful, quirky, and dynamic design that you can easily make your own. This new anniversary edition comes with an incredibly beautiful brass-coloured ring that anchors the two quarter-spherical Midnight Blue lampshades. This exclusive edition adds a touch of modern exclusivity and elegance to your décor, making the lamp a functional light source as well as a decorative addition to your interior design.

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