PH 5 Pendants in Pastels - Timeless classics in new hues

29 August 2022
PH 5 Pendants in Pastels - Timeless classics in new hues
64 years after the original launch, Louis Poulsen is dressing a classic Poul Henningsen lamp in new colours.

Monochrome Pale Rose, Monochrome Oyster Grey, Pastels Blue Rose Peach, and Pastels Oyster Blue Rose. Those are the four new shades in which the classic PH 5 Pendant from 1958 is now available. The colours are a fresh, contemporary touch that revives the old, and the new shades are instant classics.

The shape is the shape we know and love from Louis Poulsen and his iconic PH5. The famous, popular design icon practically fits into all styles of décor as it is, and now it’s an ever greater fit for modern homes. If you want to introduce a soft touch of colour or a playful combination of pastel into your décor to light up your life every day, the PH 5 Pastels collection is perfect for you.

The soft, contemporary pastel hues are available in four combinations: two monochrome lamps in Pale Rose and Oyster Grey respectively, and two lamps that combine blue, rose, and peach and oyster, blue, and rose. All four PH 5 models are beautiful on their own, but the expression of your décor becomes wonderfully playful when you combine two or more.

The fixture still delivers the comfortable, glare-free light created through Poul Henningsen’s principle of a reflective three-shade system that guides the majority of the light downwards. The light that emerges through the sides illuminates the lamp, and the light that doesn’t fall gently onto the surface below the lamp makes the core shine and glow.

Aside from buying a lamp proven to never go out of style, as the PH 5 collection has been a permanent fixture in homes around the world since its invention in the late 1950s, this is also a lamp that lives up to all environmental standards. 100% of the product can be disassembled and recycled, and Louis Poulsen is part of ELRETUR, which ensures that discarded electronics across Europe are recycled. PH 5 comes in a fabric pouch and cardboard box made of at least 75% recycled fibres.

Find the new and classic PH 5 lamps here!