Legendary Danish 70s design relaunched: Find GUBI’s Timberline here

26 September 2022
Legendary Danish 70s design relaunched: Find GUBI’s Timberline here
Timberline was a flagship of the 1970s for both the designer, Mads Caprini, but also the Danish design scene. Paradoxically, the lamp was both timeless and a trendy icon. A prime example of the  mid-century modern wave that can live side by side with the ultramodern or rub shoulders with the classics. A Coveted rarity at auction houses known to drive up the sales prices—until now.

‘The return of an icon’. That’s what it says when you visit GUBI’s website these days, accompanied by a photo of the iconic model. ‘Quaint and elegant’. In collaboration with Mads Caprini’s son, Mikkel Caprini, the Danish designer brand has relaunched Timberline.

GUBI, known for its ability to bring out classic elements that enhance modern décor, as seen in the relaunch of Gabriella Crespi’s Bohemian from 1972 and Bill Curry’s Obello was the obvious choice for relaunching this lamp. And the model you can buy today is identical to the one that hit the market in the 1970s.

The lamp consists of three elements in various materials: a strong cast-iron base, a beautifully folded canvas lampshade that softens the light, and the iconic back in oak and birch veneer that snakes upwards to grip the lampshade.

The name Timberline refers to Mads Caprini’s fascination with the treeline, i.e., the altitude at which trees can no longer grow. Standing at the foot of a mountain, you will notice that the colours of the mountain changes as you near the top. From pine trees to half-dead, windswept trees to snow and sheer cliff.

The treeline occurs because trees need at least one month with average temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. As you gain altitude, the climate changes from boreal to arctic/alpine because of cold and snow.

At some points, the trees are windswept, deformed, crooked, and naked because of the harsh, cold winters. The phenomenon is known as Krummholz—crooked or bent wood—and these twisted, unique trees might very well have inspired Caprini for the design of the lamp’s iconic back.

In any case, the lovely Timberline is now available for purchase again. The lamp’s light and airy expression is guaranteed to add a decorative touch to the living room, bedroom, and office. Place it in a corner, where its iconic body commands attention, or use it behind the couch, where Timberline’s lampshade peeks out, lighting up the pages of a good book.

Find GUBI’s relaunch of Timberline here!